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Private Lessons

You may find lessons at TDS Riding Centre have more detail than you are used to. We like to feel that you have a thorough understanding of both your own seat and how to ride and train ethically. From the beginning of the journey, for our novice and beginner riders, learning how to sit well is not only safer but builds confidence and skills.

For our young riders, lessons will be age appropriate with experienced, kind and caring instructors.  Adult riders coming to TDS Riding Centre will find out coaching offers more in depth explanations with demonstrations where necessary to take you beyond the basics - in fact we specialise in adult riders of intermediate standard and above. We have a number of adult places each year for those adults learning to ride from scratch but children's beginner places are unlimited. We hope to encourage lots of you to return to riding after a break, as well as to encourage riders of intermediate standard and above. We generally have more places available for this level of rider due to the higher training levels of our horses.


We have coaches who specialise in nervous riders, in rider biomechanics, as well as the highly acclaimed groundwork technique used in TRT (TM) method.

What Our Clients Say


Steph Platts

"As a professional show jumping rider, I find Denise's eye for detail , especially regarding my biomechanics really gives me the edge when producing the horses to be the best they can be"
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