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On Own Horses

Bringing your own horse to TDS Riding Centre gives you a fabulous opportunity to work with one of our 5 exceptional coaches. Although mostly a dressage specialist centre, Clare Atkins and Rebekah Adshead have extensive experience in show jumping and cross country, and both riders compete at affiliated dressage. Both Clare and Rebekah have a track record of working with horses who may be less than easy (we have some great techniques to help the most out of sharp or quirky horses). In addition Rebekah is a registered working equitation coach.


Both Zoe and Paige are amazingly encouraging coaches, in particular giving support to younger and nervous riders.


Last (but certainly not least!) Denise is our head coach with over 40 years of experience, - much of that in the field of rider biomechanics. Denise is also an accomplished dressage rider herself and has competed at advanced level. Denise trains and loves all types of horses from Warmbloods to Cobs and Thouroughbreds. She is also a wizz at bringing the best out of you and your horse!

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