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Information for Riders

Please book your lessons well in advance, (one to two weeks), through the website or by phone as messages can be difficult to track.

All lessons are payable on booking online or either by card (in person or over the phone) or by Bank Transfer. (Details available on request).

Once a lesson is booked you will need to give us 24 hours notice of any cancellation or amendment otherwise we will not be able to transfer your payment to another lesson. Please note no refunds will be given. You may pass your lesson to a friend however, this will need to be taken within 4 weeks of the cancelled lesson date.

Clinics - please note all clinics must be paid for at the time of booking. Refunds will only be given with 4 weeks notice - any shorter notice will only be refunded if we find a replacement for your space (we may ask for your help with this)

In some extremely rare circumstances eg very severe weather, we may cancel your lesson by mutual agreement and carry the payment forward. We will contact you if that is the case so please ensure that your contact details are up to date. Sadly this does not include rain or low temperatures!


Arrive approximately 10 minutes early for your first lesson to allow time to meet your horse / pony and to fill in our forms.


Please be honest about any past injuries (no matter how small you may think they are). Your coach needs to be aware of any issues so they can avoid further injuries.


It is not essential to buy a complete wardrobe of riding wear before your first lesson. However, you must have your own hat to current standard, gloves, wellies or boots (with a small heel) and stretchy trousers (leggings will do). We do sell hats here and we have a qualified hat fitter on site.

After 3 lessons we do ask that you wear jodhpur boots or riding boots for your own safety,


We will try and keep you with the same horse and coach for a few sessions. Each horse and coach will give you a different perspective and teach you different things to help make you a better all-round rider.


Exclusive use of the indoor/outdoor school cannot be guaranteed and from time to time there may be more than one lesson taking place. Lessons may also take place in the paddock which is a great introduction to riding in open spaces.


During your lesson, please don’t be afraid to ask any questions you might have. Do tell us if there is anything you don't understand!


After your lesson, make some notes and watch some YouTube videos relating to what you have been learning. eg. Rising trot


Set reasonable goals - It's much more motivating to set yourself realistic targets. 


Please ask for details of upcoming events which may further enhance your learning. We have lots on and a great sense of community for you to join in with.
For children we have a Tots Club and Young Riders Clubs, plus special activities in the school holidays.
The Facebook Group for young riders is TDS Pony Club


For Adults we have regular clinics with international riders and you can come and watch these at any time (a small charge may apply). We also hold regular courses, lectures, demonstrations and dismounted workshops to help you advance your riding.

Please ask about other learning/lesson types including hacking, polework, jumping and group lessons.


As you gain confidence and competence our horses may be available to you for riding in clinics or in-house competitions.


Thank you for reading and enjoy your riding!

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