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About Our Coaching Methods

Learning happens at your own pace. Our aim is to never overwhelm the rider with too many instructions at once and welcome your feedback during the lesson as to how things feel different.

Each lesson concludes with us checking your understanding and if you have your own horse / pony giving you some clear guidance  what to do when you go home so that your work on your own is effective. For those without their own - we can provide homework to improve your riding. This may be doing stretches, exercises, watching videos or reading books.


We promise to give you our wholehearted support whilst training you and will never push you beyond your boundaries without first giving you the tools to cope.


Lessons may focus on biomechanics showing you how to change your position to gain maximum effect on your horse. These changes can be subtle and change habits of a lifetime, or dramatic with an equally dramatic effect on the horse. Your horse will tell you very clearly when you have it right.

We will also teach you how you can get your horse to react to the lightest of aids. Making riding and schooling a pleasure for both of you.


As our lessons progress, we will then begin to introduce you to elements of training to help your horses’ muscle development and suppleness. We will also cover competition training and test practice if required. The horses comfort is priority at all times and training ethically is as important to us as it is to you. As your horse develops physically his confidence will increase and he will begin to show you his own beautiful best. This is our goal for each partnership that comes in front of us.


Since our founding, The Dressage Secret has had the opportunity to help countless students acquire foundational skills, develop new techniques and confidently move forward in their learning journey. 

About Our Horses

All of our horses at TDS are well-schooled and kind. We have a variety to suit all levels of rider from complete beginner to dressage schoolmasters. They range from 11.2hh-17hh

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